Useful Info / FAQ

Here is some useful info to the questions you can ask yourself:

– How can I access the Hospital Pomorzany?

The apartments are located in the center of Szczecin and are 200 meters away from the tram station. From there, 3 tram lines (4/11/12) directly service the Pomorzany Hospital in 10 min. The frequency of trams is about every 3 min during the day and every 10 min in the evening.
Look on the Google map and do not hesitate to click on the little red bookmarks.

– Why the administration fees are so cheap compared to other apartments?

In fact, it is rather the opposite occurs, the charges of these apartments are normal.
The fees correspond exactly to the real costs as charged by the administration of the building and cover lighting of common areas, cleaning, etc.

– Why do I have to pay two months deposit and what does it cover?

Some renters take only months warranty, but their apartments are not equipped with the same furnitures… For example, the 48” flat screen TV Samsung costs more than one month’s rent!
The deposit covers all possible damages that might occur during the rental. In summary, if the TV doesn’t work, it will be repaired for you. By cons, if it received a few hammer blows, that’s where the deposit comes in.
If all goes well and there is no damage your deposit is giving back to you at the end of the rental.

– How can I make the contracts with Electricity / Gas / Water / Internet companies?

You don’t have to worry about this, it has already been done for each apartments. You will be given the invoices every time. Like this, you will be sure that what you pay is what you’ve used.

– Why are the flats called London, Paris… ?

This corresponds to the decoration you can find inside each apartment, allowing to differentiate.

– Where can I find all the user manuals of all the furnitures?

All the user manuals, in all the available languages, are on this page (a password will be given to you when you’ll get in).


If you have questions that are not on this page, you can just contact us.